Andrew Naylor


The new iPad has been announced and it looks pretty nice.

The thing I’m most pleased about is the name. Pundits reached fever pitch this week over what it was going to be called. With the media coverage of the “disappointing” iPhone 4S, complaining that it wasn’t the “iPhone 5” that everyone was expecting, I’m glad Apple seem to have abandoned the idea of incremental naming of their products.

I think Apple, having realised they were on a slippery slope, are beginning to remedy their mistake. Every other product (except the iPhone) has survived with a simple name; iPod Touch, MacBook Air. Each product has an identifer such as “4th Generation” or “Late 2009” but they aren’t used in marketing and that is the key. People don’t want an “iPad 2S 64GB Wifi+4G”. They want an iPad. Everything else is secondary.

Tim Cook is clearly honoring one of Steve Jobs's final wishes: "Fuck with the pundits' ability to guess what our new devices will be called"

If I were in their position that would probably be my philosophy. They’re still going to sell them faster than they can build them. Regardless of its name.

Nevertheless, my money is safe for now. I don’t feel compelled to upgrade and I don’t think I use my current iPad enough anyway. I shall instead save my money to upgrade to the new iPhone. Or I could just go back to saving for a house as I should be doing.